Frequently Asked Questions

I am a landlord or agent. How do I register with homes2rent.net ?

Go to the landlords' area and follow the 'New Users' link.

How do I add my property to homes2rent.net ?

First you need to register with us (see above). We will send you an email with the login details for you to enter your landlords' area. Then you can add your property and we will email the details to prospective tenants who have asked for information about such properties. More details about adding property are available within your landlords' area.

How long does all this take?

The record for starting from this page, registering as a new user, adding a property and us emailing prospective tenants details of the property is a total of 6 minuites!

How much does this really cost?

Nothing - Free - Really!

I have registered and been told to check my email for my login details, but no email has arrived. What should I do?

The email should have been sent to you straight away.
Sometimes, if the internet is congested, there may be a delay before your email arrives.
However, your email should still arrive within two hours of your registering.
If, after two hours, your email has still not arrived, then:

    either the email address that you gave us was not correct
    or the email could not be delivered to you and has been returned to us.
If you think that the email address that you gave us was correct, please click here to request that the email be sent again (Note : you will be asked to tell us your email address again. If we are unable to find it then this would indicate that you made a mistake on your original registration and you should therefore begin the registration process again).

If you think that there was a mistake with the email address that you gave us when you registered, then you will need to begin the registration process again, entering your email address correctly. Go to the landlords' area and follow the 'New Users' link.

What if I have forgotten my registration details?

You should keep the email that we send you with your registration details.
If you need this email to be sent to you again, then please click here.